Buying Guide To Electric Shavers


Are you looking to make a change from the traditional manual razor that you have been using to the more convenient and efficient electric shaver?  If so, then you’ll want to find the best electric shaver for men that will provide you with a close comfortable shave each and every time.  One option that you have is the Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable / Corded Men’s Razor which comes with a very reasonable price tag and an extensive list of great features that are sure to provide you with a very enjoyable shaving experience.There are many more different brands of top electric shavers in india are available in the stores at reasonable price which will also give you a really good shaving experience.

One of the most important features of the Remington MS2-390 shaver that perhaps makes it the best foil shaver is the 2 titanium micro screens that provide amazing contouring capabilities to help cover ever area on your face with minimal effort. Electric shaver reviews will indicate that this feature is perhaps the one feature that makes this shaver a candidate for the best electric shaver for men.

The Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Razor comes with a pop-up trimmer that has 3 different positions. This makes it possible to cut hairs which might otherwise be hard to reach with other shavers.  The pop-up trimmer makes trimming beard lines easier as well.

Another great feature of the Remington MS2-390 is the rechargeable battery that it comes equipped with. There is also a chord available so you have a couple different options available with regard to the power source.  If you’re on the road or expect to be without a convenient power source for a few days, then the rechargeable batter definitely comes in handy.  A 1 hour quick charge can provide enough power to perform a complete shave so if you forget to charge the shaver, you can still get the job done without having to wait for a long-lasting charging process.

If you’re planning on traveling, then the Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Razor can be packed nicely inside the deluxe travel pouch and stored in your luggage. Traveling with a shaver can often times be a hassle with many other shavers, but certainly not with the Remington MS2-390.

Clean up is a breeze with this shaver thanks to the flip-up shaving heads and cleaning brush that can be used to wipe away any hair that might be left on the shaver itself. If you’re looking for the best foil shaver that provides you with a close shave every time and is super easy to clean, then the Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Razor is just what you need.

How to choose best Electric shaver ?

Shavers are like cars: they perform better if properly maintained and any worn out parts are replaced. There are a number of battery operated travel shavers on the market;You don’t have to agonize too long over which electric shaver to buy. Rechargeable shavers are ideal for use on the move, providing the flexibility and convenience to shave anywhere, anytime, however, the battery life may become a hindrance if it needs to be recharged too frequently. Use the cleaning brush provided to remove any whisker dust from the cutters and foil after each shave but be gentle as these parts are delicate and easily damaged.  If you switch from a razor blade to an electric shaver, or even from a rotary shaver to a foil type or vice versa, give yourself at least a three-week trial period. A good electric razor is extremely versatile with the biggest advantage being dry shaving. If you’ve chosen the wrong model, simply return it and try another or ask for a refund.Then there’s the actual shaving, with lots of short strokes, constantly rinsing your razor, first pass with the grain, second across and an optional third against the grain.When this happened we frantically switched to the newer model. Never tap the shaver on the edge of the sink to remove residues.

These are great for occasional use but are not cost effective for more regular shaving as the cost of batteries will soon stack up. because some manufacturers suggest that your skin and beard might need a while to adjust to a new shaving method. If yours does, use it. In fact, I find that I get a better shave with my electric razor when my face is completely dry before a shower. Many now come with their own cleaning systems.The result is that this is the most up to date electric shaver guide on the entire internet. I can shave at a stoplight, in my office before a meeting, or in the shower. Not only will it help to deliver a better shave, it will prolong the product life, too. However, I can shave anywhere. And it is continually being updated.The best electric shavers are designed to give you the best shave and make your face smoother and shinier. As technology is improving, so is the performance of these shavers. Just as importantly, it only takes a couple of minutes to shave. Electric shavers can be mains powered, battery operated or rechargeable and the option you go for will probably be dependent on your lifestyle. Then there’s the washing and cleaning of your brush, bowl, razor and blade. Without having to take the time to wet your face, lather, and shave in slow strips, you can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Traditional wet shaving implies thorough preparation: soaking your brush, building the lather, washing your face with warm water, lathering.We learned how they work, the best way to use them as well as what they excelled at and what they sucked at. All the models we tested offer a money-back trial of 30 days or more–a good idea,They’re fast, easy to use and practical. Now the problem with a test as long as 10 months is that new electric shavers were released and older models were discontinued.Some electric shavers do not make your face smoother and shinier. All of these steps require quite a lot of time. Over the 10 months we got to know all the electric shavers very intimately. Electric shavers can give you the best shave every time without any additional grooming item.Right from the manual straight edge razors through to what we have today in the form of electric shavers, oh how the times have changed. So, it is important to choose the best electric shavers to get a perfect shave. Manufacturers understand the requirement of today’s modern man and improving their products to meet man’s grooming needs is a must. Shaving Systems have evolved over the time.