Deep Fat Fryer Buying Guide

A Deep Fat Fryer was once thought to be a cholesterol nightmare! While that is partially true, the actual oil content with Deep Fat Fryer food is actually low as the oil does not penetrate into the food. It more or less seals in moisture and cooks from within! Not only that, but this little appliance once sold at garage sales has now become a gourmet and deeply desired piece of equipment for jazzing up that previously unimaginative menu! Due to so many deep fat fryers present in the market, Choosing the best quality deep fat fryers in UK is really a frustrating task.

Deep Fat Fryer Fry Pots

All Deep Fat Fryer fry pots are not created equal! There are several different kinds and each kind has a different “specialty” for it’s deep fat frying. You have your flat bottom fry pot which has no lower temperature areas within it’s cooking zone. These are great for when you wish to deep fat fry pastries or bakery goods. Can we say donuts! You have your next step up in regard to temperature zoning – the open style fry pot. These are heated from the outside and usually have a small center within that is a lower temperature.

You need to be aware of this when you are cooking your food to ensure there is no over or under cooking. These deep fat fryer pots usually do a bang up job on foods with light breading. Last but not least, we have the tube fry pots. These fry pots have tubes that run along the bottom of the pot. Because of this design, you will find that they have a larger zone at the bottom where temperatures are not as hot as the rest. These are great for your bigger quantities of deep frying and those food items that are a bit thicker.

Popular Deep Fat Fryer Features

For the most part, Deep Fat Fryers have common features found in all models:

  • A deep fat fryer basket is most common. This allows you to place food in the cooking oil and also allows you to as easily remove it from the oil. Look for a basket that has a safety coating for protection of your hands when removing your food from the oil – it will get very hot!
  • A deep fat fryer automatic/digital timer is also very common and you really don’t want to do without this feature. Some of these timers will automatically raise your basket tray when complete as well!
  • Electronic Temp Devices are often found on deep fat fryers as well. I like the ones that will automatically lower temps when it gets to high. Otherwise, these devices will merely show you when to lower the temp. If your like me, I like the more dummy proof device!
  • A deep fat fryer ventilation system is a very desirable feature. Have you ever smelled cooked oil hanging in the air? This feature allows you to diffuse the amount of that unpleasant deep fried smell.
  • When you get into the bigger deep fat fryer models, you can see different features that allow floor models much like you would fit in a dishwasher!

Deep Fat Fryer Oil

A deep fat fryer oil is not as hard a choice as you think but here are a few things to consider when choosing an oil.  First off, your chosen model of deep fat fryer may specifically list an oil type to be used with their product.  If they say use it, use it.  If you don’t like that oil choice, then buy another model – this is what their model is meant to work best with.  Secondly, you want to choose an oil that has a high burn rate meaning it takes a very high temperature for them to burn.

These oils often have a more absent taste in the food you deep fry as well.  They include Vegetable, including shortening and lard, as well as Safflower and Peanut Oil.  For obvious reasons, watch for nut allergies when using the peanut oil.  Not great choices when it comes to deep fat fryer oil is your butter or olive oil.  They burn at a very low rate meaning low temperature and will add an off taste to your food.

How to choose the right deep fat fryer

With the perfect deep fat fryer you can enjoy proper chips and a wide range of delicious food. Almost everybody loves home-made chips to go with their meal, or even to eat as a snack. Check out the following tips and deep fryer mini-reviews to help you get the absolute best results for your fish fries and other cooking endeavors. A bit different than the customary beer batter used on most deep fried seafood, tempura refers to both the cooking method and the cooked food – a subtle technique that adds both flavor and texture without competing with the natural flavors of the food. There are several other features to look for when buying a deep fryer. If you’ve decided a deep-fat fryer is what you need, read on for our guide to the different features you’re likely to find and what to look out for. The capacity of a Deep Fryer is an important factor while selecting a fryer.

Our guide will help you choose the best one for your needs. Make your own and you will no longer have to queue up at the local take-away! Reviews of indoor electric versions are followed by propane outdoor models. It’s a thinner batter that’s used on smaller pieces of food which are then quickly fried, just long enough for the batter to crisp and the food to cook through. Their selection will be entirely dependent on individual preferences. Cooking basket is the removable metal-wire basket where you put the food you want to fry. So select a capacity which suits your requirements. From fish and chips and fried chicken to sweet treats like doughnuts, a deep fat fryer is capable of delivering the most mouth-watering of dishes. Children and adults will both love the freshly made snacks that will make your deep fat fryer an excellent and well used product, you’ll soon see that having a fryer at home means more than just chips but a wide range of meals, and with some recipes, they can even be healthy.

Choosing the right oil is critical to getting good results, as the oil needs to be hot enough to fry the batter without penetrating into the food. The result is a light, translucent and almost lacy coating that protects the food and prevents it from absorbing too much oil. Here are a few additional considerations to keep in mind. It has a hook which fits onto the bowl to keep the basket out of the oil while it drains off the fried food. It refers to the specific duration for which a particular food is kept at some specific temperature. An electric deep fat fryer makes cooking with hot oil much safer than a traditional chip pan. We’re here to help you purchase a deep fat fryer perfect for you. This means you need an oil with a higher smoke point. And unlike some versions of beer-battered or otherwise coated foods, tempura tastes clean, fresh, and delicate.