Everything you should know Before Buying microwave oven

Nowadays, people seek for something that can be done simply and faster, but with the highest result. If you are one those, you must love this LG LCRT1510SV. With the TrueCookPlus Technology, this microwave oven offers you simple cooking with the best result. The TrueCookPlus Technology even able to make people who can’t cook simply enters the code and let the machine sets everything for you. Moreover, this LG LCRT1510SV also has so many helpful and amazing features that make many people love this product.

However, there are so many top quality microwave ovens in India nowadays and each of them has something special. Unfortunately, there is only a little information about this microwave oven model from LG. In case of that, I have made some research about this LG LCRT1510SV and I have found something amazing that some people sometimes haven’t noticed yet. But since there is only little information about this microwave oven model, I will also include some important point of this microwave oven.

The Microwave Do Everything For You – LG LCRT1510SV

As we know, this LCRT1510SV has the TrueCookPlus Technology. However, with this technology, you don’t have to set up everything manually like you always do with the common microwave oven. All you need to do is just simply enter the code on the label, and the microwave adjust and done the rest of your task. This is so simple and you even can let your children do this. If you want to do everything faster, you can just simply push the EZ on button. This feature makes the microwave oven works on the highest power, so you can get faster result for about 30 seconds up to 100 minutes. However, if you want and prefer to set up everything manually, you can also do that simply like you always do with other microwaves.

 Easy To Use and Clean

With its large capacity and wide space inside, this LG LCRT1510SV offers you larger space to work. Moreover, the round corners make the cleaning process easier. You don’t need any chemical liquid anymore, just simply weep it and there will be no dirty corners left.

Other than that, there are also so many helpful features inside; such as the sensor, add time controls, and the gourmet options. Overall, the features and specification will help you a lot while using this microwave oven. 


In most of the reviews, people love this LG LCRT1510SV because it has a great job. However, it has a little bit loud sound when it is used.

Microwave oven Guide

A basic microwave is a good option if you just want to complete simple heating tasks more quickly than is possible in a conventional gas or electric oven. Do you ever wish you had a second oven? If you’re replacing a built-in microwave that no longer works, you’ll need to find something that fits in the space (or be willing to pay to re-design the space). Consider the dimensions of the microwave you’re replacing and try to find a unit that matches. This depends on the number of family members and how often you use the Microwave. The best type of microwave for you depends largely on your kitchen. If additional oven space sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider a convection oven or Advantium oven, available in both built-in wall oven and over-the-range models. Many times, you can start with the same brand and find a comparable size.

This function can be set to automatically end a heating or cooking program after a specified duration. In India Microwave is used more to help in cooking than to cook the food. You can select a countertop, built-in, or an over-the-range model. Advantium ovens use light to cook foods up to eight times faster than traditional ovens, plus can still function as a basic microwave.When shopping for a ventilation hood, quality and strength are important factors to consider. “The home cooking process is the number one source of airborne pollutants in the house,”.For example, while making popcorn, it’s easier to set a timer for a few minutes, rather than checking the oven manually every few minutes. So for a family of 4 you can purchase 18-20 litre Microwave.

Keep in mind that the unit size will not always equal cooking space that you’ll be able to use.These days we all are very busy, we do not get enough time to spend after cooking, we do not have time to spend for the family, and how can we be able to find out time for cooking! After 4 you can increase Microwave size by 2 litres per member.Not only that, but today’s commercial microwaves have more power and efficiency than their residential counterparts, making them perfect for defrosting foods, easily heating and preparing dishes in catered and quick service settings and more. Most of the people go for ready to cook packets and others just keep food prepared in the fridge and warm a portion of it before they eat that. Love it or hate it, the microwave oven is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most efficient ways to cook and reheat food in a short period of time.



The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is one of the most reliable and popular toasters on the market. The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is a dual slot digital toaster with high technology warming and bagel functions.  The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is extremely user friendly and intuitive to use. For households with small children this unit is one of the safest on the market with advanced side plating that always remains cool to the touch even during heavy use. Its advanced polycarbonate outer shell also does a wonderful job resisting stains, heat discoloration and scratches dings and dents.  Its two slots are oversized or probably more accurate (right sized) to accommodate even the thickest bagels and English muffins.  Many toasters on the market still have issues with slot size and even a small reduction in size can cause bagels to jam and burn during toasting and warming, not so with the Kitchenaid 2 slice ktt340 2 slice toaster.

The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is easy to clean. It features a soft rinse rack that self levels and centers making removal and rinse an easy task. As far a toasters go, they are probably the most overlooked appliance when it comes to cleaning and at the same time they are the 3rd most commonly used appliance behind ovens and microwaves, so clean your toaster at least as often as you clean your microwave oven. The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster makes maintaining that cleaning regiment a breeze.

The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster measures 11 inches by 7-3/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches making it large enough to get the job of toasting bagels done right but take up no more counter space than necessary. If your family is large and you have the space you may want to consider stepping up to the 4 slice model like the KitchenAid KMTT400 Toaster, 4 Slice toaster.

We have tested many toasters over the years and from a performance, reliability, and value perspective, the Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is a true standout. Yes you can easily pay twice as much but we doubt that the value to dollar ratio will not be as high as you will find in the Kitchenaid 2 slice ktt340 2 slice toaster.  If for any reason you need the customer support of Kitchenaid, you will be glad you chose to purchase from them.

The Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster is available in White, Black, Onyx Black, Pink and Red. If you are looking for a best-value toaster that will not break your budget order the Kitchenaid ktt340 2 slice toaster today. You will be happy you did.with so many different toasters available in the market it is difficult to choose the Best toasters among them.

Everything about Toasters

Here are some other things to consider when choosing a toaster. The crumb tray at the base of the toaster should be easy to remove and clean. Bread machines take all the hard work out of creating the perfectly fluffy and absolutely delicious load of homemade bread. Depending on how many people live in your household and how fast you want to make toast, you will need to decide between a two-slice or four-slice toaster. Toasters with removable crumb trays are often less messy and easier to clean than those with hinged crumb trays. Some models have “cool touch” exteriors which might be useful for you. In fact, many of them allow you to do so in as little as two hours, or to set them up to do all the work while you attend to your actual job. Four-slice toasters take up more counter space, but they will deliver more toast quickly.The cool-wall feature keeps this toaster cool on the outside, reducing the risk of burns. Toasters that allow you to stop the toasting cycle at any point give you more control over your toast, and those that require you to manually lift the toast out of the slots will keep your toast warm until you are ready to butter it.

The very best toaster oven for lots of people is a 4 piece retro toaster, particularly if you have a family members or if you just like salute as well as should make a great deal of salute promptly. As with most electrical goods a year’s warranty is standard and models with easily replaceable parts are worth considering especially on the more expensive ranges.Toasters and Sandwich makers both have metal coils in them, which produce infrared radiation to heat a slice of bread. Purchasing a bread machine, though, isn’t always the easiest task.It’s best to consider your needs and do a little research before you go shopping for a 4-slice toaster. You can keep it in the cupboard while the inside is still warm. In our initial article, we highlighted the Breville Lift as well as Look retro toaster as the most effective toaster oven on the planet. The radiation dries up and burns the surface of the bread, which in turn makes a toast. Our list of the 5 top 4-slice toasters and toaster buying guide will help you to pick the right appliance for your needs. The Lift and also Look has just 2 ports, yet the ports are long so it will certainly salute 4 pieces of regular bread at once.